Oct 30, 2007

Code of respect

This is a legal street artwork! Street Art Permits have been obtained
from the City of Melbourne to give us the opportunity to paint this
laneway. We want to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone who
participates. For this reason we have some simple rules, and the Site
Manager has the right to make sure we respect them.

Code of respect

* On arrival present yourself to the Site Manager, and sign in.
* Respect existing artwork at all times
* A condition of the Permit is that there is no material which is
considered to be obscene, racist or offensive. (See below)
If this happens the work will be buffed- you have been warned.
* No substances, no drugs, no alcohol
* Clear up after yourselves.
* Respect the neighborhood- no tagging etc.
* Paint and equipment is supplied for free. Be generous in return and
take nothing off site.

City of Melbourne Street Art Permit Conditions

If we ignore these conditions the wall can be buffed by Council

* Not to contain material which is considered to be obscene, racist or
offensive being [on the basis of discrimination - race, nationality,
sex, age, sexual preference, religion, disability, political belief;
violence; language; portrayal of sex, sexuality or nudity; health and
safety; alarm or distress to children]
* Not unsightly or considered to be detracting from the general amenity of the neighbourhood
* Does not contain graffiti (tags and stand alone stencils) either on
any building surface or on any existing street artwork that is retained
on the site or any new artwork which is approved by this permit. Touch ups and new artwork can be applied to existing artwork to remove graffiti.
* The approved work on the site must comprise connected, integrated pieces so as not to allow for room for tagging in between parts of the work.

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