Oct 9, 2007

the exhibition

Photo: Oscar. Mentor: Josh Robenstone, Photographer

Graffiti Mentoring Project Exhibition and Forum 2008

This project is produced by the City of Melbourne’s Community Cultural Development Program. For more information contact 9658 9658 or email
amakin @melbourne.vic.gov.au


Exhibition: Legal Enough
Famous When Dead Gallery
207 Victoria Street, Melbourne 3003

Opening Thursday 27 March 2008 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition runs 26 March to 6 April
Opening Times Tuesday to Friday 11am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am – 3pm

of photographs and video from the Street Art Project in Union Lane. Vox pop documentary. Artwork by the artists involved. Multi-media work created by Mentorees.

Walking Tour – Union Lane Street Art Project
Sunday 6 April 2008
Meet at Union Lane at 2pm.
With Coordinator Amanda King and Artist TBA
A chance to see the Street Art created in this project, and talk to the people involved.
Bookings essential. Places limited.

Forum. Sunday 6 April 2008
Permissible Art
‘Not good enough for ‘fine’ art, not illegal enough 4 graffiti’. (Anon. Union Lane 2007)
Panel; Alison Young, Andy MacDonald, City of Melbourne Councillor,City of Melbourne Resident, Ghostpatrol
Cultural Development Network and the City of Melbourne present this forum to discuss the production of graffiti, its regulation by local government and its place in urban culture.


fluffy said...

Yeah cool - I appreciate seeing any form of street art and Melbourne is a better place for it. The colour the creativity, awesome. Although sadly the importance of the genre of street art - its freedom of censorship, its freedom from capitalist class control and its filling of the participation gap (having a say) about society formed by current political systems, will be missing.

The rules do not allow for individual passionate expression or critique of certain economic or political issues that are effecting the majority of the population and are not addressed and remain swept under the carpet in society, (except when hidden in academic papers where few will ever see or are viewed by witnessing a spray painted wall). Street art is uncensored and uncorrupted and shouldn't be viewed as in the same category as power (council, corporation, state) approved mural art. If this distinction can be made in the minds of the artists then such urban policy around allowing council approved murals will fail to manipulate artists to just doing approved work and forgetting about uncensored street art and with that distinction made, by all means add colour and joy to the city.

So remember both forms of art use the same mediums and even can look very similar, but mural approved art and free street art are on totally different sides of the continuum of purpose and meaning.

I hope that by highlighting the difference, which is one of the human needs, that will never be forgotten - Freedom of speech, that I will not be seen as an enemy to anyone, just someone who believes as we evolve that we will find ways to allow for more participation in society one day.

DavidJMiller said...

Hi Amanda,
I met you at the substation exhibition the other day and am really looking forward to working on this project. Ill try to make it to the next workshop with some thumnails if Im available. Alternatively I can post them here or send you some via email. If you need to contact me my email is djmiller01@hotmail.com or 0411 967 288. See you soon.